Dr.Kim Headlight enhances your vision so you can concentrate on what really matters.

  • Light

    Patented high-quality dual LEDs with adjustable brightness illuminate your work areaDual LEDs, placed in line with your vision, minimizes harsh shadowConventional single beam (top) produces very distinct shadow while dual LEDs (bottom) minimizes shadow – see above.

  • Magnification

    We offer a range of loupes with 1.3-1.5x magnification, correction for farsightedness, and generous field of view to help you see clearlyFor those situation that require even greater precision, we offer telescopes with 2.5x and 4x magnification.You may interchange loupes and telescopes as needed without tools

  • Convenience

    Patented light-weight adjustable C-band ensures comfortable fit, allowing untethered operation, free from wiresPulling down the light assembly position the dual LEDs (and a loupe) in line with your vision and turn on the lightSimply direct the light with your headBattery housing, built-in at the back of the C-band, permits easy replacement of rechargeable Lithium battery

  • Costs

    Costs fraction of the competition; yet offer superior user experienceModular design lets you upgrade only the loupe/telescope as needed